Ventise Locke
First Seen "Reclamation"
  • Lord of White Harbour(formerly)
  • Lord of Old Castle(formerly)
  • Master of Krakens
  • The Undrowned
  • Lord Valyrian
Status Alive
Age 36
Date of Birth 252AC
Origin White Harbour
Allegiance Sovereign
Culture Andal
Religion None
  • Victarion Greyjoy - father
  • Unknown Locke - mother
  • 'Ethan Manderly' - son

Ventise Locke was the former Lord of White Harbour, before Numtar Mormont's conquest. In 298AC, Euron Greyjoy revealed to him (refering to scriptures in Valyria) that he was a descendent of the Emperors who ruled over the Valyrian Freehold. Since then, he has invaded Essos with an army of Sellswords and the Iron Fleet. He has been previously tortured by Numtar Mormont.