Adam Stark
Season(s) 1 & 2
First Seen "The Assassin"
  • King in the North
  • Second King of Westeros
Status Alive
Age 16
Date of Birth 282AC
Origin Storm's End
Allegiance Sovereign
Culture Northmen
Religion Old Gods of the Forest
  • {Robert Baratheon} - father
  • {Lyanna Stark} - mother
  • {Brandon Stark} - uncle
  • Eddard Stark - uncle
  • Stainnis Baratheon - uncle
  • Renly Baratheon - uncle
  • Gendry Waters - half brother(unknown)
  • Edric Storm - half brother
  • Robb Stark - cousin
  • Sansa Stark - cousin
  • Jon Snow - half cousin
  • Rickon Stark - cousin
  • Arya Stark - cousin
  • Shireen Baratheon - cousin
  • Oberyn Martell - gay lover

Adam Stark, by birth Adam Baratheon, is a major character in the first and second seasons. He is portrated by Adam Lazaar and debuts in "The Assassin". Adam becomes the King of the North by the end of the First Season, dubbed by King Michael Targaryen following the Battle of Harrenhal. He is currently attending the "Royal Wedding". Adam is known to be quite Antic even in the darkest of situatuons.

Adam adopted the direwolves 'Blood' and Bone', forging a strong connection. He is able to see through the direwolves eyes while he sleeps, as Adam is a Warg: a person who possesses the magical ability to enter the mind of animals. 


Season 1Edit

"The Assassin "Edit

Adam accompanied Michael Targaryen on his voyage to White Harbour.

"Battle for Hornwood"Edit

Adam was present at the war-meeting along with Michael Targaryen,  Ventise Locke, Lord Commander Ramsey and Wylis Manderly. Michael gave Adam command of the Redcloak army whilst he sailed to Astapor. He fought at the Battle for Hornwood against Numtar's army. When the Northern army came, and soon betrayed the forces - his uncle, Fitze Stark, knocked Adam out. Ramsey successfully carried him away from the massacre to White Harbour.